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London French Workshop

Terms & Conditions

Lesson booking and payment

Lessons should be booked and paid in full at least 24h prior to the lesson.

Cancellation policy

Lessons are refundable 7 days after the date of purchase. The student and the teacher should reschedule a lesson that has been cancelled either by the student or by the teacher with 1 month following the cancelled lesson. The student need to give at least 48h notice to reschedule a lesson. The student can reschedule a lesson 3 times.

Schedule & Time

The students are required to prepare 10 min before the lesson starts. They should get ready, test their sounds and camera before the session starts. Being late is not permitted and the teacher reserves the right to refuse the student admission if he or she is late.


Video and speaking workshop
The students are required to watch the video and to download or print out the activity sheet prior to the lesson.

Débat-discussion workshop
There is no requirement prior to débat discussion sessions. But the students are strongly invited to read the BIEN-DIRE article that is recommended by the teacher or to read an article of their choice about the topic prior to session. It is also recommended that their choose a side pros or cons and think through a few arguments to debate and keep the debate interactive and dynamic.

Lesson plans

5 lesson plan
"Bundles 5" should be used within the 2 months after the start.
10 lesson plan
"Bundles 10+1" should be used within the 3 months after the start.
20 lesson plan
"Bundles 20" should be used within the 6 months after the start.
30 lesson plan
"Bundles 30" should be used within the 8 months after the start.


Respect and Community

All students should show respect to each other and to the organiser and the teacher.


WhatsApp group is used to communicate with the students regarding lessons announcement, documents sharing and questions that can benefits the group. The students are invited to communicate with the person in charge privately for private matter.

Feedbacks and comments

The students are kindly invited to give their feedbacks to the person in charge.

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