« Apprendre une autre langue est un peu comme devenir quelqu’un d’autre ».


My favourite quote was written by Japanese writer Haruki Murakami: « Apprendre une autre langue est un peu comme devenir quelqu’un d’autre ». (learning a new language, it’s a bit like becoming someone else)

I was born and grew up in Aix-en-Provence in the South of France. I passionate about foreign languages and Japanese is definitely my favourite one! When I studied Japanese at Aix-Marseille University, I had a chance to make new friends coming from different cultures and I realized that sharing is the essence of communication between different worlds. I loved it and I started a Master’s Degree in French as a Foreign Language with the aim of sharing the richness of French culture with my students. Then, I decided to start a new adventure and I went to South America, in Colombia, where I settled. I look forward to seeing you in our sessions and to share more about French language and French around the world with you!

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Traveling Is An Endless Source Of Knowledge.

I was born in Paris. I started to travel at a very early age with my family and I started to traveled by myself at the age of 14. I always wanted to immerse myself in the country I was learning the language. For me, learning a language means much more than just putting words together, it’s a real adventure to discover another world and also to explore another part of yourself.

London French Workshop was born in 2019 after I came back to London in August 2019. I missed you London. Here I am!

Teaching Chinese, French and English around the world enabled me to collect loads of information from my students and to understand what they were struggling with. The games and activities I am proposing in this workshop are based on my students' experience and are based on speaking activities and memory building and I am very happy to share them with you today.


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I have an absolute passion for 'languages'.


I love speaking French, although it’s my mother language and I speak, English, Spanish and Italian too. What I love above all is to learn new local expressions and to discover similarities between idioms from different languages, compare them, twist them, study them and unveil their mysteries.


I am a writer/translator and I love sharing my passion of French language. I studied modern literature at Sorbonne University in Paris and I studied drama for four years and I started writing and performing on stage. I came to London five years ago and I created an 'acting workshop for kids' ! And this led took me to teaching French.


I believe in the 'enthusiasm ' as a real game changer when it comes to learning French. I am very happy to accompany you on your journey in discovering a new language. Like I always like ti say : I don't give you fish! I teach you how to fish!