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Woman Playing Guitar

Julie, Animatrice - Musicienne Enfants

Working with the London French Workshop is a rewarding experience, as the organization is dedicated to promoting the French language and culture through engaging workshops and events.

Lina definitly knows how to combine music with teaching French and helped me to explore a creative and engaging approach to teaching French! Incorporating music into language lessons is an effective way to improve language learning by engaging different parts of the brain and making the experience more enjoyable for kids. The team members are passionate and knowledgeable, making it a positive and enriching environment to collaborate in. Overall, it is a great opportunity to contribute to language learning and cultural appreciation in the community.

Positive Smile

Marcus, Tuteur - Animateur Adulte

Working with Lina at the London French Workshop is an enriching experience, as she brings a unique blend of creativity, passion, and expertise to every project. Lina's dedication to fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment makes her a valued colleague, and her commitment to excellence consistently shines through in the innovative solutions she delivers. working at London French Workshop helped me to explore various teaching styles to create a dynamic and interactive learning environment, further enhancing my ability to connect with and inspire students.

Thank you Lina !

Portrait of Smiling Woman

Sarah, Coach-Tutrice GCSE

I am passionate about French language and culture, and working at London French Workshop is not only allowing me to further develop my skills and knowledge in the field, but also contribute positively to promoting French language education in London. Working with Lina is a rewarding and inspiring journey that allows for growth and professional development. While working at London French Workshop as a French teacher, I developed strong communication and interpersonal skills through interacting with students of various backgrounds and skill levels. I also honed my ability to effectively plan and deliver engaging lessons that catered to the individual needs of each student.

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