French Podcasts

         Listening to the melody of the language, the rhythm, practising your listening comprehension and learning new words and expressions… Welcome to my podcast page. I will share podcasts about topics I particularly like such as travelling, languages, nature, astrology, science, music, movies, art, lifestyle, ecology, sharing, health, traditional medicine… but I also like letting my inspiration guiding me to any other topics. I will add them on this page "au fil du temps" so feel free to come back from time to time to check new podcasts.

        Learning and relaxation. For a better listening experience, I recommend you to be in a quiet and peaceful environment. You can sit back or lie down, and why not, close your eyes and just listen. Enjoy listening to the podcast as many times as you wish, till you reach your highest level of understanding. Then you have the PDF files with the transcription to help you and you can either read it separately after listening to the podcast or print it out and reading it at the same time as listening to the podcast.

        I wish you a great listening experience!

La forêtLina
00:00 / 01:54
Les voyagesLina
00:00 / 01:08
Ma familleLina
00:00 / 01:33
le soleilLina
00:00 / 01:21