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A Bit About Me

Your Dedicated Language Coach


Learning a language is much more than putting words together

Traveling Is An Endless Source Of Knowledge.

I was born in Paris. I started to travel at a very early age with my family and I started to traveled by myself at the age of 14. I always wanted to immerse myself in the country I was learning the language. For me, learning a language means much more than just putting words together, it’s a real adventure to discover another world and also to explore another part of yourself.
My love for traveling started in Ireland when I was 14. I fell in love with the culture, the beautiful landscapes, the people, the music, the ambiance and… (but please don’t say anyone) the Irish breakfast. My hips still remember it. And for the next 6 years I returned to Ireland every year especially to Dingle where I felt a strong connection with the place. They also serve the best Irish breakfast ever there!

China Just Around The Corner

The passion for Chinese language stroke me in 2004 and I decided to enroll the university to reach Chinese fluency. Ireland was still around the corner and I still popped to Ireland once in a while between my trips in china.

Teaching became obvious to me in 2005 when I taught French to my first students who was from America and who was working in Paris. I was still studying Chinese, English and International strategies at West Paris University at the time. I ten decided to do an internship at Alliance Française Headquarters in Paris in 2006. The British Isles called me back in 2007 and I enrolled the University of Nottingham for 6 months and jumped on a plane right after to China to study Chinese at Wuhan Huazhong Shifan University for a year. I didn’t like the Yabozi that much (a very spicy dish made of duck neck and lots of bones) but learning about a different culture is also about honoring local dishes! I was still teaching and I was building my confidence as a postgraduate students. Participating language exchanges helped me improve my Chinese and at the sametime, I was helping other students to improve their French.

Beijing International Animation School ACG hired me as an intern to help the students to improve their French and prepare for France Arts Schools in 2010. Besides I was helping the school to build a portfolio of French arts school and help them to connect with them for future collaboration. Beijing is a huge city and I loved the Roasted Duck too!

The Teaching Adventure

2010 graduation year Youpi ! After my graduation, I couldn’t help traveling again and I went to Ireland and returned to china a couple of times to visit my friends and to maintain my level of Chinese and English. In 2011 we set up France chine interaction with my classmates and we organized cultural events to get French and Chinese together and give everyone a chance to practice languages. I was working at Confucius Institute at the same time with probably the frustration of not being an official teacher. My wish was heard in 2011 when I was recruited as an English and Chinese teacher at Jeanne d’Arc private catholic high school in Colombes city, France.

London call and British breakfast was far too strong and couldn’t resist the idea of a little adventure across the channel in 2014 where I set up language training company Kailang Ltd.

China called me back in 2016 for a French teaching position in Xiamen University till 2019. Amazing experience 3 hours away of one the most gorgeous moutnains ever, Wuyishan.

London French Workshop

London French Workshop was born in 2019 after I came back to London in August 2019. I missed you London. Here I am!
Teaching Chinese, French and English around the world enabled me to collect loads of information from my students and to understand what they were struggling with. The games and activities I am proposing in this workshop are based on my students' experience and are based on speaking activities and memory building and I am very happy to share them with you today.

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