London French Workshop

Atelier de Langue Française de Londres

Bonjour !
Welcome to The London French Workshop. Join us for a friendly moment speaking French and build your self-confidence!

Online Workshops
Groups of 5

Beginners / Intermediates / Advanced

Build your self-confidence and speak French with fun activities and games
Immersed yourself in Francophone culture and French language

Immersion Experience
Customized to your needs

What does a session look like

Speaking Workshop

Each session lasts 1h15.

Beginners and Intermediates are both welcome!
If you are just starting learning French, you can join and grab as much as you can, I will be here to help you with the basics.
If you have learnt French for some time, this workshop is perfect for you to practise what you have learnt.
If you have learnt French in the past, you will be able to refresh and brush up your skills.

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Videos, News, Topics

This workshop is based on videos, activities and games. Each session will introduce a new video and a new topic for you to enrich your vocabulary. Topics can be science, arts, history, medicine, ecology, sports, cooking, etc… Pronunciation, intonation, stress on words, speaking fluidity and vocabulary will be covered. We will also go through anything else that you are struggling with and feel you need support with such as grammar and conjugation but these will not be at the core of the workshop.

Games & Activities

The workshop is based mainly on speaking and listening! I always prepare lots of activities and fun games and everyone has a chance to speak according to the topic covered during the session and to practise their listening comprehension. The games and activities will help you to refresh and build your memory, to practise the words you already know and to review the words and expressions covered during the session. The more you come across a word and the more chances you have to remember it! Studies say that you need to come across a word 7 times to remember it forever!


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